About us


It is an interesting thing to remove yourself from institutional religion and start to visit many churches, cultures and religious bodies to see what people believe and how they live out their beliefs. There are many people who are outside of organized religion who love God. There are many inside of organized religion who love God. Everyone believes they are right.  In fact, the religious debates are so hotly contended because no one wants to be wrong about their salvation. When looking with a sincere heart and not a condemning eye,  you find  that all people have elements of truth. All people who love God, really do love Him and are trying to live out their beliefs to the best of their ability according to the knowledge they have. What else is clearly evident is that people have elements of truths that have been polluted by the teachings of men mingled with scripture. This usually becomes a hedge which becomes a deterrent to learning the fullness of God's truth. 

If we believe that:

  • Christ is the Redeemer of ALL mankind and that salvation comes by no other name or through any other way except through Jesus Christ

  • God is a God of truth

  • God is not the author of confusion

  • The adversary is a liar and has been from the beginning of this world.

  • He (the adversary) wants to hedge up the way so that few will find that straight and narrow way back into the presence of God. 

  • Christ said there are other sheep that are not of this fold (Yet who are they?)

  • We know that there are "lost tribes". 

  • God is a God of Law and cannot lie.

We have the responsibility to seek after truth and seek to understand the history of the world in religious terms and see how Satan has divided by distorting truths so that instead of one fold, there is contention, division and most miss the mark.

Our aim is to show how Christ is woven into the enlightened teachings of the world, and how all of us are animated by the light of Christ. We aim to peel back the layers of tradition of men (or unbeliefs - beliefs that aren't true) so that truth and clarity will abound. 

We believe we are in the latter days and that it is important for us to receive a covenant from the Lord and become grafted into the true vine. This site is also designed to be a central place for people to "gather" and help in their efforts to work among the other sheep.